Weekend working!

This beautiful weather awoken our working spirits this weekend. We came out of our hibernation mode for a bit!

My cousin is having a baby boy very soon and I made her a homemade gift, along with the wrapping paper that I upcycled from a paper bag! I even made a little card and bow from that single bag!

Homemade hooded towel! 

I also was able to enjoy some crocheting and finished off projects that were almost completed!

Crocheted dishcloths

The boy and I whipped up a large batch of lip balm. We are going to use the profit that we make from selling them to buy food for the Union Rescue Mission. Good deeds are being done! ✅

Beeswax lip balm 

The boy and Mr. helped to measure off the area of the garden that we are going to expand and I’m going to start planning where I’m going to plant everything! And I also started putting some planning into our pollinator garden area!

Pollinator Area planning! 

The Mr. was busy in the garage working on the camper, and doing other projects.  I’m excited that he put together our bat house and that he even painted the Batman logo on it! I love it!

Bat House!! 

He also up cycled the mount from an old satellite dish into a holder for a flag. He’s been wanting to put a flag outside of his garage!


And now to brag on the boy! He made this  nice trivet in shop class last marking period! I think he did a great job!

Made by the boy! 

I’m going to enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts! Are you all starting to plan out your garden?! 🌱💚

7 Comments on “Weekend working!

  1. I just went through my seed catalog this weekend and made my list! We don’t need to start indoor planting until mid-late March, so we’ve got a bit of time. Now to confirm the list with my hubby and put in the order. I’m very excited and more than a little nervous about how well our first BIG garden will do.

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    • I love the whole planning process, especially choosing the seeds! We do lots of green beans and tomatoes because we preserve them for winter. I’m planning on some cantaloupes and apple melons this year too! I try to learn a little more about gardening every year!

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    • I love making plans!! And thank you for reading about my hubby and his Blacksmithing! It is an amazing thing to watch! I didn’t figure that all of my boring hobbies would be as interesting! 😆


  2. Hello! I found your blog from Mavis’ post. I’ve been enjoying your blog! :-). I’m a beekeeper too! (in Georgia). I have a question about the solar power. Can you give details? How many panels do you have? Are they roof mounted? Did you guys do the installation? And this is tacky… but how much did the solar investment cost? I really want to do solar – but have not costed it out, have no idea how to sell the energy back to the power company, and am wondering if the panels should be roof mounted or free standing. So. Many. Questions. !!! If you have time to share, I’d be so thankful!


    • Hello! I’m glad that you found us! We have a large array of 36 panels that are roof mounted. We went through our local solar co-op that helped us along the way. They were installed by a local company that is the best in our area. The electric company is in charge of putting in a new meter and it spinning backwards. 😊 and cost wise, around $30k. It’s a big investment for sure, but we have been wanting and saving for them for a while. The first step was to have the solar providers decide if we even live in a good location for solar. They use satellite images for that. I’d start there if I were you! 😊


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