Long weekend happenings!

Monday was called off due to the snow. With no school, I planned on getting to work around the house! On Saturday my momma let me know that the Mr. was on the front page of the newspaper. The roads were a mess Friday.

That’s him on the right. (Everyone was ok, by the way) 

On the weekend I took our recycling plus all of the recycling from school to the recycling center. It closes around 3 everyday! I can only get there on the weekend.

So many cereal bowls! 😢

While shopping for groceries, I found some butterfly weed! It’s a type of milkweed, so I’ll be starting that along with 2 other varieties soon!


I have some nice blisters on my fingers from where I’ve been scrubbing all of the dried out birdhouse gourds! Then, we dye them and clear coat them! They are going to (hopefully) be sold at the next craft show!

Birdhouse gourds! 
I think this one is beautiful! 

On Monday, I was able to hang out with my mom for a while. There is not a day that goes by that I take for granted having her. She is literally the nicest person that I’ve ever been around. ❤️ Her so much!

Then, I sewed new curtains for the camper! (A whole update will be coming soon for the camper reno!)

So much better than before! 

And I was also able to do my swab for the #bethematch bone marrow donation. I might not ever be matched, but I’m here for whoever does match!

It’s all sent in! 

And, of course, we spent some time relaxing!

Sherman with his boy! 

Before we know it the weekend will be here again and we will be working on getting more accomplished! Keep blooming friends! 🌱💚

2 Comments on “Long weekend happenings!

  1. We had a little ice this morning in Arkansas but roads were clear! I love the butterfly weed too. I also have birdhouse gourds that I need to clean, putting that on my list! I paint them, can you tell me how to dye them? I am also on the bethematch donor list, however, now I have reached the age limit that they may not use them😔… Glad to see Mr. is ok, that looks scary. Enjoy your day!


  2. It’s a mess here this morning! Lots of ice and no school. So, I plan on working on a lot of projects that I have! For the birdhouse gourds, we take acrylic paint from any store (the little tubes) and rub the paint into the gourd using an old rag. Then, after it dries a nice clear coat of paint. And the Mr. is always getting called for truck wrecks. It’s part of the job. Enjoy your day too!


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