No Spend Year (April Update!)

So far we have still been doing relatively well with this whole trying not to spend money on frivolous things journey! I was so proud of the Mr. for finding a used pair of boots that he really wanted for when we go hiking. He found them on eBay and I’m pretty sure they are never worn! And he raves over how comfortable they are!

We were also able to go to the museum in Antietam, MD and camping without extra spending. We took our own food and drinks, played the free putt putt there and avoided the gift shop where everything was so expensive!

We were working on his skipping rocks technique! 

Also, since the boy is starting his own little composting business, we told people nearby that if they were getting ready to get rid of something that the chickens would enjoy, that we would gladly take it! The chickens have been enjoying cabbage, lettuce, spinach, avocados and even some bread!

They have been eating a lot less feed! 

And even though new buckets would look great for the boy’s composting  service, we decided to peel off labels and scrub down ones that were given to us instead! They will go out to his customers today. We did purchase easy to remove lids for them.

He put in lots of elbow grease for them to look that great! 

And we are still growing pretty much everything from seed to save money. I love weird varieties of plants, so growing from seed is about my only option. I am going to get the squashes, watermelons and gourds growing in the greenhouse this week! They can go in the ground at the end of the month!

All of the flowers have popped up too now! 

We also got back a nice little tax credit for the solar panels! So instead of buying something new, we dropped that money on the loan that we have for them. They won’t take too long to pay off either!


And now for the things that I have bought: I purchased a nuc of honeybees, because most of my bees died this winter.

They are doing well! 

We also have to buy fencing for the garden, but that needed done because of the old fencing breaking.

It’s still a work in progress! 

Even though we are still spending money on our homestead needs, we are making huge financial strides! My braces (Invisalign) will be paid off next month. We still have no vehicle payments. We have no credit card bills (thank goodness!) and we are getting close to another $10,000 leap on our mortgage! We should have this place paid off before I’m 40!

Are you making your debt snowball roll?! We are trying!

9 Comments on “No Spend Year (April Update!)

  1. Great job Team LLewellyn! I love reading your blog and applaud every milestone! So glad to get to know you all better 🙂

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  2. I’m very interested in your solar panel(s). I scrolled thru your pages yesterday and got to 24 before I gave up trying to find where you wrote about acquiring them. Could you please provide some info? We live in SC so I believe, with the amount of sunshine we have, we could do quite well. Thank you for any info you can privide


    • Hello! We decided to go solar after we found a local co-op opportunity that helped to educate us and help us to get a better deal. We live in western MD and the winter does not provide us with a lot. However, the summer is great! The system was installed professionally by a local company and cost us around $30k because it’s a large system. Everything in our home is run off of electric. My best advice is that you should be able to get an audit from any installation company to decide if solar panels will work well for you! Any certain questions, let me know!


      • Thank you. I thought I’d check with the electric company to see if they have any programs available. We get tons of sun down here all year long. What is the square footage of your unit? It appears that you’re covering all of your power costs. Is that accurate?


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