Reflecting on our garden on this short, cold day

Over the Spring and Summer, we grow so much around here! I loved sharing about how much we enjoyed the wildlife habitat area that we created: Here and I thought I’d do a garden review as well!

If you look behind me, my 2017 garden wasn’t huge. It was pretty small, but I learned so much in there! Especially how to build soil when you have basically all clay!

So, in the Spring we decided to basically double the size of the garden, which meant lots more fencing! (We have a huge population of deer!)

After putting up a lot of t posts, thank you again Mr!, we also installed some doors that we repurposed!

And, we cut down a trailer load of bamboo from a friend’s house and turned them into trellises to promote the bees to fly over your head, if you are in the garden. (That worked beautifully!)

And now the garden came right up to the chicken run! That was beneficial for when I found veggies that were too far gone for us, I could just toss them over to the chickens! And, they would sit right by that fence when I was picking Japanese beetles off of my green beans and would eat every one I gave them!

After all of the trellises were made, we pulled some weeds, but decided to just put down a deeper mulch and that really cut back on the weeds. We put any grass clippings that we had, plus begged for other clippings and they smothered out most of the weeds.

I made a thick mulch walkway that lasted the whole season, and kept visitors from compacting soil or stepping on veggies!

And in the pictures below, you can see how much all of the grass clippings and mulch helped to keep the weeds away! (they decomposed so quickly! I was shocked by that!) But no bare soil seemed to keep the plants happier!

Overall, for a first year garden on most of that soil, I’m pretty impressed with how well everything grew, especially since it rained almost every single day! I have even more plans for the 2019 garden!

So, what are you all planning on growing next year? Any different varieties? I need to organize my seeds better to find out what all I have!

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