Lots of accomplishments and a busy week

I’ll start off with what I am still surprised by… I was chosen as the teacher of the year for our building! I’m very proud of this! I’m going to do my best to represent my school well on the county level and spread a little green teacher love!

This week I was officially announced as a master gardener! It takes a lot of time, but I enjoy it!

We have been busy around this place!

At school the kids are getting so much better at composting! They are the ones that tell each other what goes into the bin. But now I need to figure out how to get the unopened/uneaten food to the places that can use them! (Not in the garbage) Look at all if that waste:

I’ve got some ideas, but need approval and to make sure that it can all be kept in the fridge until it goes to a place that needs it. I’ll figure it out!

Last night I made some more honey lollipops and I will be taking pictures next time to share that process! They are easy and delicious!

I also have been reminding the teen quite often about needing to wash his face. Teens! So, I decided that he would appreciate some Star Wars scrubbies. And he does!

And for dinner this evening I made some pierogies. I followed the recipe for the shell and used leftover mashed potatoes for the insides (plus onions and bacon pieces). https://eatingeuropean.com/authentic-polish-pierogi-potatoes-cheese/

And this is how many 1/2 of the recipe made:

And now for the rest of my evening!

I hope that you all are getting some things accomplished this week! Keep blooming!

9 Comments on “Lots of accomplishments and a busy week

  1. I visited a school at lunch time and they had a cart where children could drop off what they did not eat (aka not opened)and then kids coming in the next period could pick it up for free. This was nice because it helped out kids that forgot their food or maybe supplemented a lackluster lunch. Some kids even picked up something for an after school snack. *Obviously some things need to be refrigerated, so they had a large tray of ice and stuck cheeses and milk on top.


    • That’s a great idea. The school that I teach at is in a low socioeconomic area and every kid gets a free lunch, as well as a free breakfast. There is a share table, but the kids don’t pick up anything from there. The extras unfortunately go into the garbage at this point.


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