Spring is kinda here!

The temperature has finally been staying above freezing! I’m thinking that Spring really is arriving!

The bulb flowers are popping up!



And the honeybees are starting to bring in pollen! Check out all of that pollen on her legs!

Rhubarb from my Granny’s garden is popping up! I love how much this plant reminds me of her! I miss that spunk and all her of gardening wisdom!

The indoor plants are really starting to take off! The hundreds of tomatoes are growing fast and I’ll be putting more dirt in the cups to get even better roots growing!

Last night was so nice outside, so I was able to use my new broadfork to prep the area where the potatoes are going to be grown! We are growing purple and Yukon gold potatoes this year.

I still have so much work to do around here, but I’m enjoying being able to be outside without freezing!

What all are you planting? Have you already been able to put things in he ground? Whatever you do, keep blooming!

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