Category: Beekeeping

Spring is kinda here!

The temperature has finally been staying above freezing! I’m thinking that Spring really is arriving! The bulb flowers are popping up! Daffodils! And the honeybees are starting to bring in pollen! Check out all of that pollen on her legs! Rhubarb from my Granny’s… Continue Reading “Spring is kinda here!”

DIY bee candy recipe

Yesterday it was a warmer winter day, so I checked in on the bees. They look pretty good, but had devoured their candy I left in there. Since it’s only January, I decided to give them some extra food! So, last night I decided… Continue Reading “DIY bee candy recipe”

Snowy weekend activities

Over the weekend we had a little snow storm come through. It amounted to about 4-5 inches of snow. Lucky for my Mr., I enjoy getting a little workout shoveling snow! The chickens enjoyed pecking at the snow, and the coop looked beautiful surrounded… Continue Reading “Snowy weekend activities”

The bees are still alive! (And weekend work!)

Weekends are always a mix of relaxing, spending time with family and getting things done! So when it’s a beautiful weekend in January, I have to get things accomplished! First up are those honey bees! Both hives appear to be thriving. They were out,… Continue Reading “The bees are still alive! (And weekend work!)”

The strange statement that I always get: Your poor husband!

You read that title correctly! I get told the same very strange statement all of the time! “Your Poor Husband!!” This is usually in response to me telling people what we do a little differently at home! Here are a few examples: You don’t… Continue Reading “The strange statement that I always get: Your poor husband!”

No Spend Year November Update

It turns out that not spending money blows people’s minds. They have no idea how staying home, making meals here and avoiding purchases would be possible. But, here we are, chilling out the house, shopping thrift stores and very rarely eating out. Recently I… Continue Reading “No Spend Year November Update”

So, what’s so great about our certified wildlife habitat?!

One of my favorite projects this summer was turning a patch of grass that we were annoyed to cut into a wildlife habitat. I envisioned bees, butterflies and birds flying around and beautiful flowers. And it was exactly as I imagined! Here are some… Continue Reading “So, what’s so great about our certified wildlife habitat?!”

Honey, compost and outdoor school

This week was a busy one! All week I drove to the next county over to go to outdoor school and experience it with students from our school. We had a great week, despite the rain and muddiness! The hikes were my favorite part!… Continue Reading “Honey, compost and outdoor school”

Wildlife area update

We have slowly been turning our yard in front of the garage into an area for our pollinators. It will give them more pollen, nectar, water and shelter choices. It will also get rid of all of the extra grass cutting in this area!… Continue Reading “Wildlife area update”

No Spend Year (April Update!)

So far we have still been doing relatively well with this whole trying not to spend money on frivolous things journey! I was so proud of the Mr. for finding a used pair of boots that he really wanted for when we go hiking.… Continue Reading “No Spend Year (April Update!)”