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We are back!!! And the garden is thriving!

For the past week and a half we were traveling all over this country taking in the sites! It was beautiful and we made so many memories. Here’s a few preview pictures: (but I’ll be doing a whole post on it later this month!)… Continue Reading “We are back!!! And the garden is thriving!”

May Goals Update 2018

It’s June!!! Only another week and a half of school, the garden is coming to life and the temperatures are on the rise. I love summertime! And here’s how the goals are going: 1. Expand the garden– it happened! The whole thing is planted!… Continue Reading “May Goals Update 2018”

April 2018 Goals Update

It is the crazy month of May! The school year is almost over, I have lots to do in the garden and projects that need finished! And here’s how the goals are going: 1. Expand the garden– it’s finally happening!! The t posts are… Continue Reading “April 2018 Goals Update”

Antietam trip! And new bees!

Over the weekend we got the chance to try out the camper before we take it out for a long trip! We went to the Antietam battlefield and museum first to give the boy a nice history lesson from the civil war. The murals… Continue Reading “Antietam trip! And new bees!”

No Spend March

We are chugging along with our no spend year. I have spent money on gifts this month (I bought my baby niece some food and not candy for Easter and gifts much deserved to 2 work friends,but that’s it!) Our big money saver is… Continue Reading “No Spend March”

March Update 2018

It’s April!!! That means that we are getting so close to gardening season! March seemed like a blur, but I am always ready for it to pass by and warm weather to appear! So, he’s how the goals are going: 1. Expand the garden–… Continue Reading “March Update 2018”

Blacksmithing and sewing weekend

Happy kids! Before I get to the weekend, I wanted to share that all of the students at the school that I teach at were so happy that I shoveled out the playground. Their thanks were the sweetest! Onward to the weekend, the Mr.… Continue Reading “Blacksmithing and sewing weekend”

Snow days in March?!

Between Tuesday and Wednesday, Mother Nature decides to spice up life and throw around 7 inches of snow our way! Just look at the difference between the pollinator area from Sunday to Wednesday! The chickens are not big fans of snowy days, so they… Continue Reading “Snow days in March?!”

Worker bee me last week!

Last week the Mr. was on late shift, so I decided to get some work accomplished around here! Everything from crafting to gardening! Monday evening: hemmed pants and sewed patches on Tuesday: finished crocheting some baby chicks for Easter! Wednesday: starting the cutting for… Continue Reading “Worker bee me last week!”

DIY zipper-free camper cushion slipcover

Well that’s a mouthful title, isn’t it?!  The Mr. has been working so hard on the camper, so I have finally had a chance to work on the cushions in the camper! They weren’t horrible, but they had some stains, a tiny tear and… Continue Reading “DIY zipper-free camper cushion slipcover”