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Homemade Food digester

This weekend has flown by way too fast! We spent yesterday running from one place to another. But, we found time to make a food digester! Update here: It all started out with me trying to figure out what to do with bones,… Continue Reading “Homemade Food digester”

Another busy weekend!

I’m so excited to say that there is only one half day of school left this week!! Whoo hoo! Last weekend was a crazy one! Lots of weird weather and business! It started out with some weird weather that resulted in some snow in… Continue Reading “Another busy weekend!”

Productive weekend!

We are making the best of this weird kinda spring/ kinda winter weather. On one of the pretty days, I gave our Izzy a nice spring haircut. It only takes me about 15 minutes and I save about $30 every time that I do… Continue Reading “Productive weekend!”

February goals update!

I am proud to say that with the second month over, we are checking off lots of goals! Super proud here!! So, here are the goal recap for February: 1.Begin beekeeping! So, my super amazing husband assembled both, yes that’s 2!, boxes for me!… Continue Reading “February goals update!”

You live with less, on purpose?!?!

Yes, you read that correctly! I live with less because I want to. I love it when people find out this fact about me. I get asked all kinds of questions because they are bewildered! This happened at a meeting the other day. And… Continue Reading “You live with less, on purpose?!?!”

Sweet potato dog treats

Remember all of those delicious sweet potatoes that I harvested back in October?! Well, I put some of them (about 4 medium ones) to good use! My poor Sherman dog has so many allergies that we have to make all of his food. So,… Continue Reading “Sweet potato dog treats”

What is a homestead (part 2)

I thought that I had mentioned everything that we do to make our homestead work in part one! But, there is more! Eat what is in season! I know, sometimes you want strawberries in the middle of winter. But, that’s also why I preserve… Continue Reading “What is a homestead (part 2)”

Halloween and garden fun

For the first time, we actually were able to harvest pumpkins and my boy was able to carve a good sized one! He picked out his favorite and did all the work himself! And of course we had to light it up to see… Continue Reading “Halloween and garden fun”

Wednesday walk through the garden 10/14

The garden is definitely slowly being cleaned up! Winter prep is beginning! There are only a few pepper plants, a zucchini plant and cherry tomato plants. The cherry tomatoes are looking great still! My dog Sherman keeps stealing the lowest ones from the plants!… Continue Reading “Wednesday walk through the garden 10/14”