Category: Dog health

Crafting weekend

Our sweet little cockapoo Izzy isn’t feeling up to par. She’s always tough and full of life, so I hate seeing her down. She’s being seen by the vet, so hoping that she will be on the mend! I couldn’t spend too much time… Continue Reading “Crafting weekend”

Return home walk through the garden

We just got back from a few days out of town. I love seeing new places, but I always can’t wait to get home! The plants must have enjoyed the warm weather while we were gone. The three sisters garden is about ready for… Continue Reading “Return home walk through the garden”

Sweet potato dog treats

Remember all of those delicious sweet potatoes that I harvested back in October?! Well, I put some of them (about 4 medium ones) to good use! My poor Sherman dog has so many allergies that we have to make all of his food. So,… Continue Reading “Sweet potato dog treats”