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October Goals Update 2018

Adios October! And oh my goodness there are only 2 more months this year! However, I feel like we have made the most out of 2018! So, we are ready for November! 1. Expand the garden- ✅it happened! It has been cleaned out and… Continue Reading “October Goals Update 2018”

No Spend September Update

This no spend year has been much harder on the Mr., instead of myself. He’s is the spender and I am the saver. I was so proud of him for not buying me expensive stuff for my birthday! He even reused a gift bag… Continue Reading “No Spend September Update”

September Goals Update 2018

Hello October! September was pretty good to us! I mean, it was my birthday this month! And I got seeds and a compost thermometer (along with other great things!) We were able to still harvest some fruits and veggies and the flowers keep blooming… Continue Reading “September Goals Update 2018”

We found Paw Paws!!

One of our goals here is to get Paw Paw trees growing. Last year we cold stratified seeds from October into the new year. Then, after being planted for quite a while, a couple seeds sprouted! Obviously, it’s going to be quite some time… Continue Reading “We found Paw Paws!!”