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Rebooting the Victory Garden

A quick history lesson on the Victory Garden: Citizens were first encouraged to turn yards and vacant lands into food producing gardens in 1917 and they were called “war gardens.” During WW2, they were called “victory gardens” and they were a way to get… Continue Reading “Rebooting the Victory Garden”

Becoming debt free!

Oh goodness, I’m blogging about money. So taboo for some reason! But, here goes! Remember how last year we focused on not spending? We did a good job of keeping our debt snowball rolling. Well, rewind back to March of 2015, I would have… Continue Reading “Becoming debt free!”

New Year Goals 2019!

Happy New Year! Every year I try to set a dozen goals and give monthly updates to keep myself accountable! (And because I love sharing our journey!) Throughout the year when I think about what I would like to accomplish, I make a running… Continue Reading “New Year Goals 2019!”

Canning and back to work

Last week was a long one! Going back to work means prepping for a new school year and SO many meetings. (And sitting in seats made for 8 year olds during those meetings!) I am absolutely exhausted by the end of the day! But,… Continue Reading “Canning and back to work”

Looking for the sunshine

Over the past few evenings, we have been getting so frustrated with trying to trap a raccoon that has managed to eat 2 chickens and scare a third one. The chickens are on extreme lockdown right now. But, this is just part of taking… Continue Reading “Looking for the sunshine”

Growing Popcorn

Last summer one new thing that we tried our green thumb on was popcorn. We grew 2 varieties: strawberry popcorn, on the right and a mixed color variety on the left. We noticed right away the height difference between the 2 varieties! The strawberry… Continue Reading “Growing Popcorn”

September goals update 2017

September was a month of colossal harvests, produce stands set up, still getting acquainted with my new students and working around our tiny homestead! Here are how the goals are going: 1. Zero waste our home! We have been eating a lot from the… Continue Reading “September goals update 2017”

So much canning! (And fall garden prep!)

You’d think that mid- summer is the busiest time for gardeners. Not true! Im busiest in late summer and fall! It’s prepping, picking, and preserving all of that produce! We had another sale yesterday! Only a few customers, but the rest of the produce… Continue Reading “So much canning! (And fall garden prep!)”

Wednesday walk through the garden and lots of blooms! 9-6-17

The garden is starting to fizzle out, but we are still harvesting green beans, cucumbers, cucumelons and lots of tomatoes! I’m hoping to harvest a watermelon or 2 this season! I’m not sure what this is growing out of the compost bin! It looks… Continue Reading “Wednesday walk through the garden and lots of blooms! 9-6-17”

September Progress update!

For the New Year, I set a list of goals. I decided to share the goals to keep me more accountable. And you know what?!?? It’s been working! 1. Begin beekeeping: The bees are looking great! And I was even able to get a… Continue Reading “September Progress update!”