Upcycled flower pot craft

The mister found this: imagegetting ready to be thrown out! Being the amazing husband that he is, he grabbed this beauty and brought it home! He claimed that he knew that I’d use it for something! So, after some major scrubbing and stuffing the bottom with some used water bottles (to take up some room), my project was underway. I used regular vinyl in the circuit to make the letters and put some volunteers marigolds in the pot and placed it in my front stoop. The best part is that the whole project cost nothing, zero, free!!! And here is the final results:
imageI’m pretty excited about the results!! 🙂

Green what?!?!m

Hello all! To all that know me, they know I’m a little off my rocker. I enjoy being an urban homesteader and as my own boss put it, “I should’ve been born in the 1800’s!” I love gardening, baking bread, homemade everything, and living on less kind of life. I’m blogging to show others that while I strive to live with less, it’s not as bad as one would think! I will be posting gardening pics, things that I learn along the way. Also, I’ll show mistakes I have made along the way. My goal is to show everyone, including myself, that I can live a more sustainable life while living in town! And I’ll leave off with a beautiful volunteer marigold!


Hello world!

As I start this blog, I’m hoping to help others and learn as well about living a minimalistic lifestyle, gardening and crafting as well! I can’t wait to start sharing info!!