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Wednesday walk through the garden 6/26

I have been working every evening at pulling weeds and mulching the whole garden. It is starting to look more beautiful by the day! We also have quite the dill forest! I’m hoping to lure in some swallowtail butterflies! And now for the other… Continue Reading “Wednesday walk through the garden 6/26”

Wednesday walk through 7/27

It’s our last Wednesday walk through this month! How can it almost be August?!? I’m really not looking forward to back to school time and working! Well, good news is that the garden has been working away! We have been harvesting lots of beans… Continue Reading “Wednesday walk through 7/27”

Fair results and hot weather gardening

The weather has taken a turn for the extreme! It has been so hot, but I’m glad that we have a great rain water collection system to fall back on! Lots of rain barrels being used, so the garden is still nice and green!… Continue Reading “Fair results and hot weather gardening”

Walk through the garden 7/20

I just realized when I wrote the title, July 20th?!?! Summer is flying by, but I swear the garden is growing by the minute! We are getting a pretty good harvest here lately! Especially green beans and zucchini! (I did harvest our first cucumber,… Continue Reading “Walk through the garden 7/20”

Weekend work!

We have been still working of fall cleanup around here. That consists of begging leaves off of friends, family and neighbors to use as compost and in the chicken run. (The chickens turn those leaves into amazing compost in days!) I also started filling… Continue Reading “Weekend work!”

Winter prep!

Here in our region, we are trying to get everything ready for winter. Snow will be flying all too soon. This weekend the mister and myself put down a ton of compost in the raised beds to put them to sleep for the winter.… Continue Reading “Winter prep!”

Halloween and garden fun

For the first time, we actually were able to harvest pumpkins and my boy was able to carve a good sized one! He picked out his favorite and did all the work himself! And of course we had to light it up to see… Continue Reading “Halloween and garden fun”

How much is my garden worth?

It’s almost impossible to put a price on gardening. Since I teach, I consider gardening my summer job. I’m definitely not a professional, but I enjoy it! This weekend when I went to Walmart, I wrote down the prices of the different produce that… Continue Reading “How much is my garden worth?”

Wednesday walk through the garden 10/7

It was a long day at work! Meetings, a new student, and papers that need checked. Lots of work! So, I couldn’t wait for my much-needed dirt therapy! (Aka gardening!) I pulled up most of the remaining plants. That’s always kinda sad to me… Continue Reading “Wednesday walk through the garden 10/7”

Birthday walk through the garden!

Yes, it’s true! It’s my birthday and I still feel blessed every year to be here! My husband knows that I have been saving up for some beekeeping supplies for next spring! He purchased some supplies for me to get me started! Yay!!! Such… Continue Reading “Birthday walk through the garden!”