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Reflecting on our garden on this short, cold day

Over the Spring and Summer, we grow so much around here! I loved sharing about how much we enjoyed the wildlife habitat area that we created: Here and I thought I’d do a garden review as well! If you look behind me, my 2017… Continue Reading “Reflecting on our garden on this short, cold day”

Honey, compost and outdoor school

This week was a busy one! All week I drove to the next county over to go to outdoor school and experience it with students from our school. We had a great week, despite the rain and muddiness! The hikes were my favorite part!… Continue Reading “Honey, compost and outdoor school”

Wildlife area update

We have slowly been turning our yard in front of the garage into an area for our pollinators. It will give them more pollen, nectar, water and shelter choices. It will also get rid of all of the extra grass cutting in this area!… Continue Reading “Wildlife area update”

No Spend Year (April Update!)

So far we have still been doing relatively well with this whole trying not to spend money on frivolous things journey! I was so proud of the Mr. for finding a used pair of boots that he really wanted for when we go hiking.… Continue Reading “No Spend Year (April Update!)”

Antietam trip! And new bees!

Over the weekend we got the chance to try out the camper before we take it out for a long trip! We went to the Antietam battlefield and museum first to give the boy a nice history lesson from the civil war. The murals… Continue Reading “Antietam trip! And new bees!”

Happiness is simplicity!

Yesterday was quite an interesting day. I had been the middle person between the county waste service, our school and an outside source that provides insight on how to start composting at our school. We had a meeting and I thought everything was going… Continue Reading “Happiness is simplicity!”

Summer preview weekend!

Last weekend was absolutely beautiful! It was in the 80’s and with temperatures like that, I was able to get a lot accomplished! We purchased 3 trees from our local soil conservation fundraiser. Thankfully the trees had not broken dormancy yet, so we got… Continue Reading “Summer preview weekend!”

Pollinator garden update!

We had a nice load of wood chips dropped off here at by a tree trimming service that was working in town! I finished up the pollinator hotel this week and the Mr. was able to put it in a great location with lots… Continue Reading “Pollinator garden update!”

February update 2018

Hello March!! It definitely came in with crazy winds and some snow today! I am proud to say that we are getting a lot accomplished here! 1. Expand the garden- With the warm days last week, I was able to start taking down the… Continue Reading “February update 2018”

Spinning honey and melting beeswax

Last weekend we spent a lot of time harvesting the honey from the hives that didn’t make it through the winter. It’s sad, but needed done. It’s still so amazing how perfect those frames of honey are! We then use a knife to uncap… Continue Reading “Spinning honey and melting beeswax”