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Walk through the garden 6/30/20

It’s the last day of the month, so I wanted to share what’s going well and what’s a work in progress! The San Marzano tomatoes are growing the best. The cucumbers are growing well, so far this year! I will totally admit that I… Continue Reading “Walk through the garden 6/30/20”

Wednesday walk through the garden 7/10

The hot weather paired with the rain showers have made the garden pop! We have been harvesting lots of zucchini and a couple dragon tongue beans. Here’s how things are growing: Grow pumpkin vines, grow! I spent a little bit this morning teaching littles… Continue Reading “Wednesday walk through the garden 7/10”

What’s blooming around here?!

It officially feels like summer here! With all of these hot days, the flowers are starting to bloom everywhere. And, the pollinators are happy!! I have been doing a ton of work getting rid of those pesky weeds in the garden. I used a… Continue Reading “What’s blooming around here?!”

Wednesday walk through the garden 6/26

I have been working every evening at pulling weeds and mulching the whole garden. It is starting to look more beautiful by the day! We also have quite the dill forest! I’m hoping to lure in some swallowtail butterflies! And now for the other… Continue Reading “Wednesday walk through the garden 6/26”

Weekend walk through the garden! 7/21

Hello all!! Gardening has been on the back burner because I have spent 30 hours at the fairgrounds volunteering towards my Master Gardener hours! I’m pretty much finished with my hours for this year! Lucky for me, the plants have been enjoying the hot… Continue Reading “Weekend walk through the garden! 7/21”

Wednesday walk through the garden 7/11/18

I know, I know, it’s Thursday! But, all of the pictures were taken yesterday as I walked through the big garden searching for the fruits of my labor! Things are slowly growing, and I’m hopeful that I’m going to have some pretty great harvests… Continue Reading “Wednesday walk through the garden 7/11/18”

Wednesday walk through the garden! 6/13/18

It has been raining here almost every single day! The garden could really use some sunlight and warmer weather! But, the plants are still growing! The green bean teepee was weeded well and I even put down a nice layer of newspaper on the… Continue Reading “Wednesday walk through the garden! 6/13/18”

Wednesday walk through the garden 6/6/18

If I had one word to describe what has been going on in the garden, it would be weeding! I have been mulching to help suppress the weeds and pulling as many as I can. Yesterday I was even able to start putting supports… Continue Reading “Wednesday walk through the garden 6/6/18”

Green bean teepee diy!

During the 2017 growing season, I decided to build my first green bean teepee. I had envisioned my boy enjoying sitting in or hanging out in the teepee. I saw a couple diys, but they never posted whether or not they grew well! So,… Continue Reading “Green bean teepee diy!”