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Gardening, seedlings, composting and a new raised bed!

I have been so incredibly busy this month! I’m polishing my teacher of the year documents and getting everything for my portfolio in order. And on top of that, getting seeds planted and prepping for our 2019 garden! Don’t mind the weeds, but I… Continue Reading “Gardening, seedlings, composting and a new raised bed!”

Spring is kinda here!

The temperature has finally been staying above freezing! I’m thinking that Spring really is arriving! The bulb flowers are popping up! Daffodils! And the honeybees are starting to bring in pollen! Check out all of that pollen on her legs! Rhubarb from my Granny’s… Continue Reading “Spring is kinda here!”

Best week ever!!!

Remember how I said that I was hoping to be teacher of the year for the whole county? Well, I won!!! I was so surprised! It was the best feeling in the world! And I can’t wait to spread my love for teaching little… Continue Reading “Best week ever!!!”

Canning and back to work

Last week was a long one! Going back to work means prepping for a new school year and SO many meetings. (And sitting in seats made for 8 year olds during those meetings!) I am absolutely exhausted by the end of the day! But,… Continue Reading “Canning and back to work”

Weekend walk through the garden! 7/21

Hello all!! Gardening has been on the back burner because I have spent 30 hours at the fairgrounds volunteering towards my Master Gardener hours! I’m pretty much finished with my hours for this year! Lucky for me, the plants have been enjoying the hot… Continue Reading “Weekend walk through the garden! 7/21”

Wednesday walk through the garden 7/11/18

I know, I know, it’s Thursday! But, all of the pictures were taken yesterday as I walked through the big garden searching for the fruits of my labor! Things are slowly growing, and I’m hopeful that I’m going to have some pretty great harvests… Continue Reading “Wednesday walk through the garden 7/11/18”

June Goals Update 2018

Happy July all!! June was a fun month of finishing up school and traveling! Plus, the garden is taking off! And here’s how the goals are going: 1. Expand the garden– ✅it happened! Everything is growing pretty well and I’m hoping that I get… Continue Reading “June Goals Update 2018”

Wednesday walk through the garden! 6/13/18

It has been raining here almost every single day! The garden could really use some sunlight and warmer weather! But, the plants are still growing! The green bean teepee was weeded well and I even put down a nice layer of newspaper on the… Continue Reading “Wednesday walk through the garden! 6/13/18”

Wednesday walk through the garden 6/6/18

If I had one word to describe what has been going on in the garden, it would be weeding! I have been mulching to help suppress the weeds and pulling as many as I can. Yesterday I was even able to start putting supports… Continue Reading “Wednesday walk through the garden 6/6/18”

May Goals Update 2018

It’s June!!! Only another week and a half of school, the garden is coming to life and the temperatures are on the rise. I love summertime! And here’s how the goals are going: 1. Expand the garden– it happened! The whole thing is planted!… Continue Reading “May Goals Update 2018”