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Overload of homestead happenings!

Over the long weekend and all week long, we have been working all around this place! The Mr. has been putting up better fencing around the garden that also connects the chicken area to the garden. This is the new walkway in the big… Continue Reading “Overload of homestead happenings!”

DIY garden markers (even with bad handwriting!)

In the past, I plant my garden and think that I will definitely remember where I planted everything. And guess what? I would forget what kind of tomatoes are those? Or, are those cucumbers? Or a pumpkin? Maybe zucchini? Now, of course I figured… Continue Reading “DIY garden markers (even with bad handwriting!)”

Planting, planting and more planting!

I have been busy planting every single night! I have planted apple melons, spaghetti squash, corn, beans, tomatoes and peppers. Plus luffas and sunflowers galore! So many tomatoes that need planted! The adorable garden stakes that are color coded! The red ones are all… Continue Reading “Planting, planting and more planting!”

Mushroom growing, harvests, crafting and donating

This weekend was full of all the reasons why I put so much into this lifestyle that we are wanting to live. Remember the mushroom spawn that I spread in a raised bed back in early May? Well, the mushrooms have finally popped up… Continue Reading “Mushroom growing, harvests, crafting and donating”

So much canning! (And fall garden prep!)

You’d think that mid- summer is the busiest time for gardeners. Not true! Im busiest in late summer and fall! It’s prepping, picking, and preserving all of that produce! We had another sale yesterday! Only a few customers, but the rest of the produce… Continue Reading “So much canning! (And fall garden prep!)”

Wednesday walk through the garden and lots of blooms! 9-6-17

The garden is starting to fizzle out, but we are still harvesting green beans, cucumbers, cucumelons and lots of tomatoes! I’m hoping to harvest a watermelon or 2 this season! I’m not sure what this is growing out of the compost bin! It looks… Continue Reading “Wednesday walk through the garden and lots of blooms! 9-6-17”

Excitement and starting work

This year will be my 13th year teaching for the same county, so that’s starting to make me feel old! But that’s not the exciting part! We were featured on a page about gardeners from around the world! If you do Facebook, it’s on… Continue Reading “Excitement and starting work”

Walk through the garden 8/15

It has been raining every other day here, so it’s hard to get into the garden to gather our harvest. So, when I went outside I was pretty surprised to see a watermelon that might actually have time to be harvested before the weather… Continue Reading “Walk through the garden 8/15”

Garden pictures and canning

The garden is really producing lots of fruits and veggies lately! I’m still loving the gardening apron that I made a couple years ago because I can pick a ton more veggies without moving a basket with me! Remember how that groundhog ate every… Continue Reading “Garden pictures and canning”

Walk through the garden 7/14/17

We have been harvesting a fair amount of produce from the garden! It’s starting to look like a jungle in there! We are growing a couple different varieties of peppers this year, but only the green peppers are growing so far! Last year the… Continue Reading “Walk through the garden 7/14/17”