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It feels like summer!

This week has really heated up! We have been able to go swimming and be outside all of the time. The plants are really taking their first growth spurt and I am up to 2 okra plants! All the birds are very happy too!… Continue Reading “It feels like summer!”

May Goals Update 2017!

Do you know what today is?!?! It’s the last day of school here! Therefore, I’m on break! Yippee!! So, I’ll be posting a little more often! But, now onward with the goal update for May: 1. Zero waste our home! We already do a… Continue Reading “May Goals Update 2017!”

April 2017 Goals Update!

Goodbye April and hello May! Do you know what I love about May? Everything! School is almost over, plants are slowly making their way outside and the warmth!  Yay!! This is how my goals are going so far: 1. Zero waste our home! We… Continue Reading “April 2017 Goals Update!”

Friday Funday (well, my version of fun!)

Don’t expect to read about something crazy amazing, like winning the lottery or taking a once in a lifetime trip. Nope, just what’s going on now that the weather is beautiful! The bees have been buzzing around doing bee things! And I officially have… Continue Reading “Friday Funday (well, my version of fun!)”

Earth Day Weekend! 

The boy and I waited most of the morning to go pick up litter around the neighborhood because of the downpour. But, wouldn’t you know that it rained all day, so we just went out in it anyway. 2 hours of picking up garbage!… Continue Reading “Earth Day Weekend! “

April needs to get it together!

How in the world can it go from 70 degrees and beautiful to snowflakes and 30 degrees? That’s part of living in the mountains! Here’s how beautiful it was earlier in the week! I was able to check in on my hive and the… Continue Reading “April needs to get it together!”

Enjoying this regular week

You know how you have a totally normal 5 day week. Everything is just, well, normal. Same work, nothing special, blah, blah, blah. Well, I’m enjoying this normality! First off, I bought some quail eggs for the kindergarten at my school to hatch out… Continue Reading “Enjoying this regular week”

Wednesday walk through the garden 8/5

I am so happy to say that I am harvesting lots of amazing produce from the garden! The green bean trellis is really taking off! It’s made of a cattle panel and has pole beans planted at the base. We had an extra pumpkin… Continue Reading “Wednesday walk through the garden 8/5”

Wednesday Walk Around the Garden

It actually didn’t rain for a whole 24 hours! That’s pretty rare for this summer! Everything seems to be growing so well and the chickens and quail are laying so many eggs! Since the price of eggs right now are outrageous, we are excited… Continue Reading “Wednesday Walk Around the Garden”