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Composting week and garden beginnings!

Last week was international composting week! It was fun to spread the message about the importance of composting and answering lots of messages about it! The biggest question that I get a lot is: “can I just make a pile of my food scraps… Continue Reading “Composting week and garden beginnings!”

September Goals Update 2018

Hello October! September was pretty good to us! I mean, it was my birthday this month! And I got seeds and a compost thermometer (along with other great things!) We were able to still harvest some fruits and veggies and the flowers keep blooming… Continue Reading “September Goals Update 2018”

Wednesday walk through the garden 6/6/18

If I had one word to describe what has been going on in the garden, it would be weeding! I have been mulching to help suppress the weeds and pulling as many as I can. Yesterday I was even able to start putting supports… Continue Reading “Wednesday walk through the garden 6/6/18”

Summer preview weekend!

Last weekend was absolutely beautiful! It was in the 80’s and with temperatures like that, I was able to get a lot accomplished! We purchased 3 trees from our local soil conservation fundraiser. Thankfully the trees had not broken dormancy yet, so we got… Continue Reading “Summer preview weekend!”

Harvests and feeling like Fall

This week brought on the start of the school year, which is year 13 for my teaching career. Every year feels like I’m starting a new job. I’m hoping this year goes well! And on to gardening! The strawberry bed had gotten so unruly… Continue Reading “Harvests and feeling like Fall”

It feels like summer!

This week has really heated up! We have been able to go swimming and be outside all of the time. The plants are really taking their first growth spurt and I am up to 2 okra plants! All the birds are very happy too!… Continue Reading “It feels like summer!”

Garden happenings, beekeeping and lots of work

I’m elated to say that this week is my last week of school and from here on out I will be busy taking on all this homesteading! I’ll start with my beekeeping fun. All the hives seem to be doing well and are laying… Continue Reading “Garden happenings, beekeeping and lots of work”

Keeping Busy Beekeeping

It is super swarm season in my area right now and we have been tagged on Facebook and contacted for so many swarms. We decided to split our overwintered hive when we found a queen cell, which brought us up to 2 hives. Then,… Continue Reading “Keeping Busy Beekeeping”

Greenfest, gardening, mushrooms and swarms

Happy Mother’s Day weekend and I must say that this weekend was so busy! But, it was a great kind of busy. On Friday I spent the evening prepping everything for  Saturday’s Greenfest in Boonsboro, Md while the mister took the boy to go… Continue Reading “Greenfest, gardening, mushrooms and swarms”

Friday Funday (well, my version of fun!)

Don’t expect to read about something crazy amazing, like winning the lottery or taking a once in a lifetime trip. Nope, just what’s going on now that the weather is beautiful! The bees have been buzzing around doing bee things! And I officially have… Continue Reading “Friday Funday (well, my version of fun!)”