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Growing sweet potatoes! (In clay soil!)

I have been enjoying growing sweet potatoes here in Western Maryland! They are a longer season crop and I tried something that REALLY helped them grow better! I made mounds with compost rich material and planted the sweet potato slip right in the top!… Continue Reading “Growing sweet potatoes! (In clay soil!)”

Still gardening and harvesting! 

Well tomorrow is the end of September and my birthday! I have no plans, but I know we will get into something! Now, onto the harvests!! We are getting some popcorn harvested and it is beautiful!  We also cut a few of the sunflowers… Continue Reading “Still gardening and harvesting! “

Greenest week ever!

This week I’ve been busy trying to green up my school!! My students read about an ecofriendly school and we did everything from discussing carbon footprints to writing letters to the mayor about more recycling opportunities in our town! I also created a recycling… Continue Reading “Greenest week ever!”

Expanding the garden!

We are already thinking about the 2018 gardening season and how to improve our soil, because I don’t think that our soil could ever be too healthy! There is a nice area between the garden and the sheds that I would love to turn… Continue Reading “Expanding the garden!”

Wednesday walk through the garden and lots of blooms! 9-6-17

The garden is starting to fizzle out, but we are still harvesting green beans, cucumbers, cucumelons and lots of tomatoes! I’m hoping to harvest a watermelon or 2 this season! I’m not sure what this is growing out of the compost bin! It looks… Continue Reading “Wednesday walk through the garden and lots of blooms! 9-6-17”

Harvests and feeling like Fall

This week brought on the start of the school year, which is year 13 for my teaching career. Every year feels like I’m starting a new job. I’m hoping this year goes well! And on to gardening! The strawberry bed had gotten so unruly… Continue Reading “Harvests and feeling like Fall”

Walk through the garden 8/15

It has been raining every other day here, so it’s hard to get into the garden to gather our harvest. So, when I went outside I was pretty surprised to see a watermelon that might actually have time to be harvested before the weather… Continue Reading “Walk through the garden 8/15”

Awesome 3 day weekend!

You heard it right! I took off Friday to go to Mother Earth News fair at seven springs. And it was great! There were so many displays, vendors and animals! I think it’s a future goal to sell there one day as a crafter!… Continue Reading “Awesome 3 day weekend!”

Last weekend of summer

We have crammed work into every second this weekend. I think that we might just be getting to the end of all the canning. We were able to can a bunch of grape jelly from the grapes that I got! It is seriously delicious!… Continue Reading “Last weekend of summer”

Wednesday walk through the garden 8/10

What in the world was I thinking when I signed up to take a class the full week before I return to work? Obviously I wasn’t. The class is intense, but it’s all about gardening. So, that’s a plus! I’m hoping to start some… Continue Reading “Wednesday walk through the garden 8/10”