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Llewellyn family road trip!

For almost 2 weeks this month we had the chance to travel through 15 states, including the one that we live it. We made lots of great memories and experienced it all together! The camper worked out great! First stop: Sandusky, Ohio KOA- it… Continue Reading “Llewellyn family road trip!”

Antietam trip! And new bees!

Over the weekend we got the chance to try out the camper before we take it out for a long trip! We went to the Antietam battlefield and museum first to give the boy a nice history lesson from the civil war. The murals… Continue Reading “Antietam trip! And new bees!”

February update 2018

Hello March!! It definitely came in with crazy winds and some snow today! I am proud to say that we are getting a lot accomplished here! 1. Expand the garden- With the warm days last week, I was able to start taking down the… Continue Reading “February update 2018”

Let’s show you the camper!

Two goals for the year all depend on us fixing up an old truck bed camper. We chose this camper because we don’t have to pay to have tags on it, we got a great deal on it, the three of us can fit… Continue Reading “Let’s show you the camper!”