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Warm weekend, work and another plan!

This weekend we were lucky to have some beautiful weather close to the sixties! It definitely made me start getting more excited about what I’m growing this year and it has me checking out the flowers that are coming back! On Saturday I was… Continue Reading “Warm weekend, work and another plan!”

Worker bee me last week!

Last week the Mr. was on late shift, so I decided to get some work accomplished around here! Everything from crafting to gardening! Monday evening: hemmed pants and sewed patches on Tuesday: finished crocheting some baby chicks for Easter! Wednesday: starting the cutting for… Continue Reading “Worker bee me last week!”

February goals update!

I am proud to say that with the second month over, we are checking off lots of goals! Super proud here!! So, here are the goal recap for February: 1.Begin beekeeping! So, my super amazing husband assembled both, yes that’s 2!, boxes for me!… Continue Reading “February goals update!”

Winter sowing!

How do I get out of my grumpiness when it’s below zero outside? I start working on my garden! (Kinda!) It’s called winter sowing and it’s like building little greenhouses and letting nature tell your plants when to sprout! So, here are the steps!… Continue Reading “Winter sowing!”