Worker bee me last week!

Last week the Mr. was on late shift, so I decided to get some work accomplished around here! Everything from crafting to gardening!

Monday evening: hemmed pants and sewed patches on

A lot of sewing! (And I really dislike hemming pants!) 

Tuesday: finished crocheting some baby chicks for Easter!


Wednesday: starting the cutting for the camper cushions and redecorated the chalkboard!

So ready for spring! 

Thursday: the boy stamped our seed packets for the local seed swap and I started working on recovering all of those camper cushions!

The seeds that we took to the swap! 

Friday: I finished recovering all of the cushions and they look beautiful!

Easier than I thought it would be! 

Saturday: I took down all of the garden fencing and moved the compost bin to the chicken area!

Bye bye fence! Hello garden expansion! 

Sunday: I started working on filling the pollinator hotel with knot weed and drilled fallen tree limbs.

Pollinator hotel

I also started lots of herbs and flowers in the tiny greenhouse

I hope that they grow well! 

I have some seeds in milk jugs to get started!

Winter sowing some marigolds

And I hung out with my momma and went to the local seed swap! I donated 15 packs of seeds and brought home a few!

Brought home zinnia, nasturtiums, bee food blend, birds egg beans and golden zucchini

And, we played uno almost every night!

I ❤️ That the teen wants to play a game with me! 

And this week, I’m not feeling that ambitious! But, some exciting things are going to be happening in the weeks to come here at the homestead! We are definitely blooming where we are planted! 🌱💚

February goals update!

I am proud to say that with the second month over, we are checking off lots of goals! Super proud here!!

So, here are the goal recap for February:

1.Begin beekeeping! So, my super amazing husband assembled both, yes that’s 2!, boxes for me! Wait until you see them painted!



2.Make a pollinator garden.
You know, to attract those bees and butterflies! I started the winter sowing of the poppies, echinacea, and milkweed for those pollinators! They better be happy in the spring!


3.Vacation somewhere different! (Now that the boy is getting older, we want to see more of this country!) the trip for this month was postponed until next month! And we stink at choosing an idea for summer vacation! We need to work on this!

4.No new fashion for me for 2016! I know most females would freak out over this one! My favorite pair of khakis for work finally wore out! 😦 I bought this new pair at the goodwill for $4! Amazing!! And my only purchase of fashion so far in 2016!


5.Reduce garbage! (Did you know the average American produces 4.4 lbs of garbage per day?!?!) guess how many bags of garbage our family of 3 produced this month…………. 3!!!!!!! And the worms love their compost and the rest of the compostables will make awesome garden compost!

6.Complete the 2016 in 2016 challenge. That means getting rid of 2016 things in our home this year! We can do it!! And we are rocking it!! 415 items so far!

415 items so far!!!

7.Finish our kitchen remodel. We replaced our cabinet pulls! They finally don’t look straight out of the 80’s! And, they don’t get caught on my pockets! (Tall girl problems!)

yay! Cabinet pulls! 


8.Build an arbor and plant some grapes. (I’ve wanted to do this for years!) Come on Spring!!

9.Expand the garden! I started a good many seeds through winter sowing! And, I plan on putting some seeds under the grow lights next month! The rest, Springtime!!

10. Preserve more food for next year! I wish that I had something to preserve! But, we are still enjoying last year’s harvest!

11. Organized the least organized area of the house! (The garage!) It’s looking better! But I still need to declutter that area! It’s becoming the “before it goes to the goodwill” kinda place!

12. Treat my crafting more like a business instead of a hobby.   I was able to complete some online orders and also use some of my creative side! I have made a few garden aprons! Let’s see how the craft shows go this month!

Garden apron!

13. Work on budgeting and paying down this house! Now this is an area I’m super proud of! We were able to cut off $30 from our cell phone bill and our mortgage company is going to be crying about all that interest they are losing! It’s slow, but we are doing great!

So, how are your goals going?!?! February was a great month and I’m still feeling super motivated!! And my husband has been helping with decluttering!!

Bring it March! I’m ready!!


Winter sowing!

How do I get out of my grumpiness when it’s below zero outside? I start working on my garden! (Kinda!) It’s called winter sowing and it’s like building little greenhouses and letting nature tell your plants when to sprout!

So, here are the steps!

First gather your supplies! Get some good seed starting soil, milk jugs (or clear soda bottles), scissors, tape and something sharp to poke holes.(I used a kitchen knife)

Next, poke many holes in the bottom! It’s better to have a few extra so that everything drains well!

Poke holes!

Then, cut around the middle of the container to allow you to add soil and seeds. It’s also how you open it up in the spring!

Get it ready for soil and seeds!

After that, add in your soil and seeds! I also added in some worm castings to feed those little sprouts!

Add in soil and seeds!

Last, water the plants pretty well and then tape around the part that you cut! Oh, and label well because it’s so hard to tell what is what when they’re little sprouts!

All ready to be put on the cold deck

And, they stay out in the cold with NO LID and NO CARE until spring. When spring rolls around and they start sprouting, they can be opened during the day and closed at night!

Last year I did this with broccoli and lettuce and it worked out great! We got lots of yummy lettuce and broccoli that came up perfectly. However, tender seeds don’t work out very well.

I plan on making some more when I get ahold of more containers. I’m going to grow some milkweed, herbs and try some other flowers!

Hope everyone is enjoying their nice, cold Valentine’s weekend!